Invite The New Rio Pro UHF Printer to Your Next Party!

Print RFID Cards on the Fly for Easy Guest Management Applications

Imagine being involved in an event which hundreds of people are set to attend. You are one of the primary hosts and naturally you want to provide the best possible experience for each individual. But how, in an event of this magnitude, could you ever record who was there? You want to know how you can keep track and manage all these guests to ensure the event’s success and your ability to follow up with the guests afterwards. Now imagine these guests flowing in to your event in a chaotic pandemonium, each expecting it to be the best night of their lives. The challenge has begun, but with a little help from RFID, it turns out it is no challenge at all!

Some of the most helpful advances in the RFID field have been discovering the vast number of applications RFID can be used for. We are all familiar with RFID’s applications in inventory control, but how about applying it to “human inventory” management? In major events such as the one we described, the simplicity in keeping track of your guests is evolving rapidly.

With a simple combination of capable units you will be able to not only keep track of, but with the right software also follow up with your guests. All you need is a Rio Pro UHF Card printer, UHF ID Badges, some lanyards, and a CS-101 UHF handheld scanner. Magicard’s Rio Pro UHF Card printer gives you the ability to print and encode GEN 2 UHF ID badges that can be handed out to your guests on the spot. With the right software in place these cards can be registered with personal information (name and email address for example) and placed on lanyards for the guests to wear.

Now the only difficult part is choosing in what manner you would like to wield your handheld scanner(s). As an example, you could choose to scan each person as they enter the event, taking note of who physically attended. If your event consists of booths or information stations, having a scanner at each booth will allow you to tailor your follow up to individual guest’s interests. If you want to go all out, hire some photographers, give them Bluetooth enabled cameras and a CS-101 handheld scanner and have them photograph your guests, add your company’s logo, and upload the pictures via Bluetooth to each individual’s social media site of choice. And you thought we were joking when we said the opportunities were endless!

Now, are you too tired to follow up with your guests after all that event planning and execution? Good thing you tracked it all, now just make your software do the rest!

Check out the Rio Pro UHF Card Printer and Encoder, and the CS-101 UHF handheld scanner on our website If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer service department at We are excited to hear what new applications you are working on!

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TransTech Systems partners with Times-7

TransTech Systems Inc, a premier distributor of UHF RFID solutions is excited to announce its distribution partnership to carry Times-7 innovative line of UHF Antennas.

Times-7 designs and manufactures a wide range of reliable, high-performance UHF antenna, delivered in a form factor that is unmatched on the market. Times-7′s Slimline™ antenna products offer robust performance in a variety of configurations including ultra-low profile fixed linear and circular far-field antenna, door-frame and ground mat antenna for creating strong RFID portal entry and exitways, powerful smart shelf antenna, and near-field offerings including the smallest wideband UHF antenna on the market. All packaged in a attractive, unobtrusive form that blends seamlessly into many environments.

By adding the Times-7 lineup to our RFID product offering, TransTech continues to offer the best technology solutions in the industry to integrators and dealers

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What is a tag “Class”?

Often users will see RFID tags referred to as “Class1 Gen2″ or “G2C1″ Tags, We’ve discussed the Gen2 EPC Standard before, but what does the “class” of the tag refer to? A Tag Class is defined within the Gen2 Standard itself as a hierarchy of tag options and capabilities.

Class 1- Identity Tags:

These are the most common RFID tags currently on the market, they are fully passive and meet the minimum standards for TID, EPC, and User commands. Passive tags only provide their Tag ID information when excited within range of a Gen2 reader, if no reader is present the tags do not transmit any data.

Class 2- Added-Function Tags:

These tags are still fully passive, but include additional features such as  extended memory or specialized memory access protocol. Class 2 Tags tend to be highly specialized and application specific.

Class 3- Battery-Assisted Passive Tags:

These tags carry an on-board battery to power on-tag functions such as sensors, data-loggers or micro controllers. Although they do contain an internal battery, Class 3 tags do still only communicate their data when excited by a reader. The CS8300 Temperature Tag is a Class3 tag.

Class 4- Active Tags:

Active RFID Tags contain an internal power source (battery) and actively transmit their signal, rather than respond to interrogation. Active tags can still contain the same EPC and TID data of a passive tag in addition to the higher function or sensors as listed in the other classes.

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XpresWash Uses RFID to Increase Clients ROI and Revenue

TransTech partner XpresSystems has developed an innovative automated system that uses tamperproof UHF RFID tags at a point of sale, coupling the tag ID with a specific customer’s billing profile. As customers pass through a carwash tunnel equipped with a CS203 reader, the tag is read and the customer can be automatically billed for the wash.

XpresWashXpresWash has done an excellent job offering its client base of car wash vendors a clear and superior ROI using RFID, which is a primary challenge for many RFID integrators. By automating the sign up and billing process, XpresWash offers clients savings by reducing demands on attendants, increasing customer loyalty and repeat visits, adding easy up-sale opportunities and reducing instances of free washes.  This system also offers a great benefit and added value for car wash users, by eliminating the need to stop and pay per wash, customers can simply drive through a CS203 equipped tunnel, leveraging ease of use and reduced wait times.

The CS203 Integrated reader/antenna is the perfect RFID reader for this application. It’s fully integrated form factor and single cable POE connectivity allows for quick and simple installation in varying physical layouts. The CS203 is one of the only IP68 rated RFID readers on the market, making it ideal for an application that is going to be outdoors and exposed to water on a regular basis.

CS203 XpresWash

More information on the XpresWash system can be found at the XpresSystems website . Click here for a CS203 Product Brochure.

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Cold Chain RFID Solutions a Burgeoning Growth Area

Cold Chain RFID Solutions have been slow to adopt thus far, from entrenched business practices to ‘close enough’ accounting, the market has been slow to adopt RFID technology to track and manage temperature-sensitive logistics. However, recent news events and government mandates have positioned cold chain RFID to be a significant growth area in the coming years. Market analytic firm Frost & Sullivan have released a recent report highlighting the factors that will contribute to a substantial increase in cold chain RFID adoption.

Integrators using CSL’s CS8300 and CS8301 are in a prime position to capitalize on this market shift. These temperature sensing RFID tags utilize a built-in sensor which relays exact temperature data at the time of interrogation. These tags can be integrated into a larger solution or, using the CS101 Temperature Tag App can be deployed immediately.


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Visit TransTech at RFID Journal Live!

TransTech Systems is excited to exhibit at the 2014 RFID Journal Live! event in Orlando. This year we will be showcasing Lyngsoe Systems’ innovative Quick Mount Portal solutions, Farpointe Data’s dependable and versatile HF and LF readers and much more. 

Come Visit us at Booth# 132 April 8-10th 2014 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

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Visit TransTech at ISC West!

TransTech Systems is excited to exhibit at the 2014 ISC West event in Las Vegas. This year we will be showcasing Impinj’s Speedway Revolution Platform, the CS101 Handheld RFID reader, Card printers from Evolis, Magicard and IDP as well as RFID Asset Tracking and ID printing software solutions.

Come Visit us at Booth# 11130, April 2-4 2014 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Click Here to Register for Free Attendee Passes

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Prox Card Format Guide

Prox Card Format Guide
Format:Bits Possible Facility Codes Possible ID#s Other Codes
26 0 – 255 0 – 65,535 HID Type – H10301/XceedID 26A
26 0 – 255 0 – 65,535 Indala26
26 0 – 255 0 – 65,535 Indala26
26 0 – 255 0 – 65,535 Indala26
26 0 – 255 0 – 65,535 Indala26
32 0 – 16,383 0 – 65,535 HID Type – H103130
32 0 – 65,535 0 – 65,535 Honeywell
33 0 – 63 0 – 16,777,215 HID Type – D10202
34 0 – 65,535 0 – 65,535 HID type – H10306
34 0 – 65,535 0 – 65,535 HID Type – N10002
34 0 – 4095 0 – 1,048,575
35 0 – 4095 0 – 1,048,575
35 0 – 4095 0 – 1,048,575
35 0 – 4095 0 – 1,048,575 HID Type – 51880/XceedID 35C
36 0 – 255 0 – 131,071 HID Type – A17601
37 0 0 – 34,359,738,367 HID Type – H10302/XceedID 37H
37 0 – 65,535 0 – 524,287 HID Type – H10304/XceedID 37X
37 0 – 8,191 0 – 4,194,303
40 0 – 4095 0 – 65,535 HID Type – H10314
42 0 – 1,048,575 0 – 1,048,575 HID Type – H10313C

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Testing the CS203

RFID education and advocacy group, RFID Network, created a video showcasing the CS203 RFID Reader. This integrated reader/antenna is fully encased and IP67 rated for outdoor use. Requiring just a single POE connection, the CS203 allows for versatile and easy install in challenging locations. It also offers robust performance as demonstrated in the video below.


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Impinj Hosts RFID Best Practices Webinar

Industry Leading RFID Reader and Gen2 IC manufacturer and TransTech partner Impinj is hosting a free Best Practices for RFID Deployments webinar. This webinar will provide current and prospective RFID integrators and installers guidance and perspective in developing projects, setting goals and expectations and methods to increase project value and ROI.

The Webinar takes place Tuesday, Feburay 4th at 10AM PST/1PM EST. Reserve your place in this free webinar by following the link below.

Impinj Best Practices for RFID Deployments Webinar

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