Times-7 A8060 Doorframe UHF Antenna

The Times-7 A8060 Doorframe Antenna  is a unique and impeccably designed unit, ideal for door and entryway RFID portals. At just 0.3 inches thick, this unit can be unobtrusively mounted to existing doorframes. The A8060 is 2 feet long and just under 3.5 inches wide allowing integrators to create a robust RFID read zone while minimizing ‘stray’ reads that could result from a wider profile antenna. With two built in drill holes, the A8060 can be installed with minimal effort and without the need for additional brackets or mounting accessories.

A8060 V1


In addition, it’s robust 5dBi linear gain results in very strong read yields especially in challenging personnel tracking applications.

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IntelliView Integrated Fire&EMS Equipment Inventory

TransTech Systems’ partner, Silent Partner Technologies, has applied it’s innovative and powerful RFID asset management system to an integrated solution for the Fire and EMS market. The IntelliView system utilizes RFID technology to identify, catalog and instantly inventory, critical assets, consumable inventory or any other items vital to the First Responder’s work. Using an IntelliView enabled handheld RFID reader, first responders can immediately determine what equipment is on board their truck or van prior to dispatch, should any critical equipment show as missing or having inadequate inventory, the user’s will be issued a warning to restock. Intelliview can also be used for end-of-shift inventory, drastically reducing man-hours required while simultaneously generating valuable data on consumable use or equipment loss. In addition, tagged assets can also be easily and quickly located within RFID enabled cabinets or shelves saving critical time while on site and countless hours and dollars looking for misplaced equipment.

See the video below for an overview of the IntelliView System in action.

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TransTech Systems Highlighted in RFID Journal

TransTech Systems has been highlighted for it’s role as a solutions provider and distributor for UHF RFID products in the RFID Industry’s top publication, RFID Journal

TransTech has been strongly developing it’s RFID product line and gaining notoriety in the RFID industry for it’s outstanding consultation, service and support.

The full article can be found here:   TransTech Systems Adds UHF to Integrated RFID Solutions Portfolio


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PantryLabs Uses RFID to Enable True Grab-And-Go

PantryLabs is developing a unique, self-service kiosk that utilizes RFID technology to enable seamless, user and vendor friendly vending. Pantry’s vending machines are equipped with ThingMagic UHF reader modules and Smart Shelf RFID Antennas, and the goods contained within are labeled with RFID tags.  

All users need to do to use the system is simply swipe their payment and remove the item, the system senses the item or items taken and bills appropriately. The entire process can be completed in seconds, and is faster and more convenient than check out lines or even traditional vending machines. Trial units have been successfully deployed at several sites in California.

The system also provides value for food-service vendors as stock is constantly monitored in real time, alerting vendors to usage patterns and low stock. In addition, when restocking units, vendors do not need to manually inventory existing stock or additions, the system can automatically detect and update the stock in the case.

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TransTech Systems Becomes RFID Certified!

In it’s pursuit to provide the best most comprehensive service and support for RFID systems, TransTech Systems has participated in and successfully completed the International RFID Institute’s RFID Certification process. The RFID Institute developed the certification as a way to standardize a level of expertise in the complex and diverse field of RFID and credential RFID professionals who have demonstrated in-depth knowledge of RFID components, deployment and processes.

This certification demonstrates TransTech’s commitment to excellence as the premier distributor for RFID systems.

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Seamlessly Upgrade Barcode Systems with Speedway Connect

One of RFID’s strongest value propositions is streamlining and increasing efficiency of automated data collection. A long-standing form of automated data collection has been scanning printed barcodes. Barcode technology represents a major upgrade of data collection over manually keying data, and as such have become nearly ubiquitous in inventory, Point-Of-Sale, ticketing and personal identification systems.

Just as barcodes represented a significant upgrade in collecting data over manual entry, UHF RFID represents a similar leap in technological capability over barcodes. Barcodes are limited by needing to be scanned one at a time, and with direct optical line-of-site. RFID solves these issues by allowing a very high throughput of up to 1100 tags per second, and does not require line-of-site allowing tags to be read inside a larger case, shopping cart, or other container.

To help seamlessly ingrate the benefits of RFID technology into existing barcode systems, Impinj developed the innovative, easy to use Speedway Connect software. Speedway Connect operates as a middleware client  for the powerful Speedway Revolution and XPortal readers to handle parsing and delivering RFID tag reads so that users can take advantage of the efficiency of RFID without needing to spend time or resources integrating a new hardware component or developing new software.

Speedway Connect allows Serial, TCP/IP, USB Drive and USB keyboard wedge output options, so that RFID can be deployed directly as a replacement or even alongside an existing barcode system. Speedway Connect represents a truly ‘plug and play’ option for integrating RFID solutions.

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Increase Efficiency with the Passive Portal!

 Increase Efficiency with the Passive Portal!

 The Quick Mount Passive Portal

The Quick Mount Passive Portal lives up to its name! It is quick to install in any RFID system! This portal is designed to cover strategic congestion points such as conveyors and sorting machines in industrial environments such as loading docks. What makes it ideal is the portals ability to hit many separate tags at one time, creating unrivaled speed with only one Portal.

The Lisbon Airport used this portal along with RFID tags to significantly improve their sortation system.The Quick Mount Portal allowed the airport to automatically sort the baggage, decreasing the amount of lost baggage at the airport, and increased the capacity of luggage that could be sorted at one time.This specific portal was used because it can read an extremely high volume of tags, up to 900 at once. The ease of install and high-throughput are ideal for automatic sortation processes used in Airports.

MSRP for this portal is $ 3675.00. This portal comes with the passive readers, and antennas.

Click here for more information, and to contact your Sales Representative on how this portal can be integrated into your system!



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Who Took My Stuff!?

Let the Nox Sting Kit Show You!

RFID has proven itself as a highly adaptable but fairly new technology in the world of asset tracking, human resource management, and all kinds of other application of which we have not yet even begun to scratch the surface. But for those unfamiliar with this fairly new technology it can end up involving a good amount of research, comparing compatibility, planning components, and not to mention learning how to install or implement the system you need.

Our partner in crime (prevention!) SimplyRFID has put together a simple, easy to use, all-in-one, out of the box solution called the NOX Sting Kit. This kit is a plug and play RFID covert surveillance kit ideal for Inventory Control, Asset Tracking, Check In/Out systems, Supply Chain Management; even tracking employees or company vehicles becomes effortless with the Nox Sting Kit.

What makes it so easy? The instructions for installation are one page long, getting you up and running in 2 minutes! No fiddling around with software installations either, because this kit comes with a preconfigured Notebook PC optimized to run the entire system. And if you still aren’t sure how to implement your new sting kit, one day of Nox training, and 90 days of premium support are included with your purchase providing unlimited help in the implementation of your specific operation.

What’s in it, what’s in it, what’s in it!? Yes we know you are excited to be able to keep track of your things and you would love to know everything that is included in this great new kit. Well here it is!

 What all is included in this kit?

-          NoxCore Notebook PC (with NoxCore Software 1-Zone pre-installed)

-          1 RFID reader

-          2 RFID antennas

-          1 High definition IP camera

-          100 Nox-3 Synthetic Gen2 Pre-programmed RFID tags

-          10 Nox-TM4 Rugged Metal-Mount Gen2 RFID Tags

-          1 Sample pack of Gen2 RFID Tags

-          1 Day of Nox Training

-          90 Days of Premium Support and Upgrades

Other Accessories include:

-          1 4-Port Portable PoE Switch

-          3 Network Patch cables

To find more information on the details of this kit and its implementation, feel free to visit the Nox Sting Kit website!

When all you have to do is decide where to put it, implementing RFID becomes a whole lot easier.

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Times-7 A6590C Ultra-Low Profile Circular Polarized Ground Antenna

The Times-7 A6590C is an stunning circular polarized ground antenna, ideal for door and pathway applications.


With it’s ultra low-profile (0.3″ thickness) form factor and durable construction, the A6590 can easily and discreetly be placed in nearly any pathway or portal that assets or personnel pass through.

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Times-7 A4030C Circular Polarized UHF Antenna

The Times-7 A4030C Circular Polarized UHF antenna is an extremely versatile and easy to deploy antenna option. Engineered with Times-7′s highly aesthetic SlimLine form factor, the 0.5 inch thick flat panel antenna is seamless and unobtrusive.


The A4030C offers up to 19.5 feet of read range with most tags and a 60 degree circular beamwidth making it ideal for overhead mount applications.

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