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NOX-3 Synthetic RFID Tag

Here’s a brief intro video to the versatile NOX-3 Adhesive RFID Tag.

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CSL Deploys RFID Bus Tracking System

Convergence Systems Limited (CSL), announced that the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is successfully using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to keep track of city buses in Bangalore, India, for greater efficiency. Deployment of the BMTC system began with Bangalore’s Shivajinagar … Continue reading

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Bringing UHF RFID to the Security Market

TransTech and Impinj appreciated the opportunity to host a webinar covering the uses and applications of UHF RFID in the security market. This session covered how to apply UHF Technology to several common security markets and provided an introduction to Impinj … Continue reading

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Easy Asset Enrollment using Nox Vault and Excel

NOXVault makes it simple to use a pre-formatted inventory spreadsheet to enroll items into a UHF system. Using your existing inventory system, generate a list of assets that are to be tagged in CSV format, from there apply tags to the … Continue reading

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