Personalized Kiosk Experience Powered by ThingMagic RFID

At RFID Journal LIVE! in 2011, attendees got a firsthand look at how RFID can be integrated with social media with Facebook “Check-in” and “Like and photo” kiosks developed by ODIN in partnership with ThingMagic.

The kiosks, powered by the USB Plus+ RFID Reader, allowed attendees to directly post to their personal Facebook pages with us the scan of an RFID ID badge.

Check-in Kiosk large Photo and Like Kiosk large

Here is an excerpt from ThingMagic’s case study on the project:

 “Attendee interaction with the kiosks was fully automated through the use of RFID badges, which were distributed upon registration and used for other event purposes including personalized communication via smart signs and conference session attendance monitoring. Attendees received an email in advance of the show and, in less than 30 seconds, could connect their RFID badge information with their Facebook account. There were also on-site registration kiosks for late registrants. By waving their conference badges in front of a kiosk screen – outfitted with ThingMagic’s UHF USB RFID Readers used in conjunction with ODIN’s EasyConnect Software – conference attendees were able to connect with and update their Facebook accounts in real time, successfully merging their real-world and online communities.”

The ThingMagic USB Plus+ is ideally suited to this sort of application, as it is comprised of the Mercury5e Compact reader and a high performance antenna enclosed in a small ruggedized case, which uses a single USB cable for power and data transmission.

ThingMagic USB Plus+

These kiosks are a perfect example of how this easy to use, all-in-one RFID reader/writer can be put to use connecting companies with consumers, and vice versa.  Similar uses can be seen across multiple channels:  Events and attendance tracking, personalized check-in for hospitality and gaming, loyalty and rewards, interactive stations for entertainment/museums, or any number of situations where kiosks can be utilized.  RFID enables a quick, simple and fast way for self service kiosk manufacturers to engage with users in a personalized direct way.

Read the full case study HERE.

Click HERE for more case studies from ThingMagic.


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Read and Write RFID Tags over USB with ThingMagic’s USB Plus+ Reader

The USB Plus+ RFID reader from ThingMagic is unique in that it is powered over USB, needing only a PC or laptop to read and write tags.  This makes the USB Plus+ a perfect fit for single tag issuance or reads at a desk, standalone kiosk installations, or other autonomous applications.

ThingMagic USB Plus+

This small, sturdy reader measures in at approximately 4″ x 2.5″ x 1″, and features a high impact plastic case.  Powered by ThingMagic’s tiny Mercury 5e-Compact RFID reader (pictured below,) the USB Plus+ reads and writes of EPC Global Gen2 tags, has a software-adjustable read distance of up to 3 feet, and can read up to 200 tags/second.

The high performance internal antenna is ideal for both high memory tags and small sized tags.  One Type-A USB plug provides power and signal, the other provides additional power if needed.

A development kit is also available, containing the USB reader with integrated antenna and interface cable, sample tags and instructions for obtaining the SDK/API.  As with all ThingMagic readers, it is compatible with the Universal Reader Assistant.

Click here for more information on the ThingMagic USB Plus+

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PipelineTrack RFID for Oil & Natural Gas

TransTech Partner PipelineTrack shows how simple, fast and effective RFID tracking can be for the ONG industry. Using Fixed and Handheld RFID readers and tagged pipe, PipelineTrack delivers the critical information regarding pipe sections while increasing reliability and lowering man-hours required to manage inventory. See the video below for their system in action.

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January 2015 Newsletter

Download TransTech’s January 2015 RFID Newsletter below.

A Passive RTLS Solution, Powerful Ruggedized Antennas, and Improved Speedway Revolution Readers

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New Speedway Revolution Readers

TransTech Partner Impinj has announced a revision to further improve the powerful versatile Speedway Revolution series of UHF RFID readers. The new Speedway readers double processor speed to 400MHz and quadruple Flash memory to 32MB to allow for more robust and faster throughput of on-reader applications. The reader’s kernel also adds support for IPv6 which will be a major component requirement for networked devices in the near future. Even with these major updates, the new Speedway readers will still support the Octane 5.2.x firmware and SDK so all current reader applications will transition seamlessly. Best of all, pricing on all models will remain the same, with added features and functionality at the same price point, Impinj once again provides superior value to RFID integrators, developers, and users.

These updates will apply to both the 4-port R420 and 2-port R220 readers using a new SKU convention. The updated readers are available now, old series readers will be available through February 28th.

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Visit TransTech at RFID Journal LIVE! 2015


TransTech Systems is excited to exhibit for the 3rd year at the 2015 RFID Journal LIVE! event in San Diego, California. LIVE! is the RFID industry’s premier in-person event, with exhibitors, keynote speakers, breakout sessions and industry awards, there’s always great value and excitement surrounding the conference.

TransTech will be hosting our full line of RFID solutions along with our staff experts on hand to discuss any application or project. Please stop by our booth #130 and say hi!

LIVE 2015

The 2015 RFID Journal Live! conference will be held April 15-17 at the San Diego Convention Center

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Real-Time Item Intellegence with xArray

After a successful trial run with early integrators and a Best of Show award at the 2014 RFID Journal Live event, Impinj has released the xArray passive RTLS solution to a wider commercial audience. By integrating an enhanced version of the powerful Speedway R420 RFID Reader with an innovative phased array antenna system and algorithm, the xArray can cover a 40ft diameter read zone with 52 distinguishable read points.  This allows a very high level of location precision, including real-time object location and movement tracking, using fully passive Gen2 RFID tags.


Pacakged in a small, discrete enclosure, the xArray is easily and seamlessly installable in drop-tiles, rafters or nearly any other ceiling type. The unit is powered and transfers data via a single powered Ethernet line, eliminating the need to professional electrical power drops by simply integrating into existing network architecture.

The primary use cases so far have been real-time always-on inventory monitoring for retail, high value asset tracking and patient safety for healthcare, and logistics monitoring and real-time work in progress tracking for manufacturing. These cases however, are just the beginning of the potential capabilities for the xArray.

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Times-7 A3050 RuggedLine IP67 Antenna

Times-7 continues to innovate it’s offering of UHF RFID antennas with the new RuggedLine series of IP67 rated indoor/outdoor antenna line.


Combining high gain and ultra rugged strength the A3050 is ideally suited to waste management and vehicle access control / tolling. The all new Ultra-Rugged Range of antenna’s that are impact strengthened and IP67 rated for 24/7 outdoors and all weather use.  This Ultra Rugged Range can be ordered in a flush or Rack mount configuration

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Times-7 A3030 RuggedLine IP67 Antenna

Times-7 continues to innovate it’s offering of UHF RFID antennas with the new RuggedLine series of IP67 rated indoor/outdoor antenna line.


Times-7’s A3030 RuggedLine antennas are setting a new benchmark for high performance RFID in demanding/industrial applications.  Impact strengthened, the RuggedLine IP67 range is rated for 24/7 outdoors and all weather use.  Ideal for Forklift RFID and proven in applications from waste management to access control, the Times-7 Ultra-Rugged Range can be ordered in a flush mount or rack mount configuration.

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Times-7 A3010 RuggedLine IP67 Antenna

Times-7 continues to innovate it’s offering of UHF RFID antennas with the new RuggedLine series of IP67 rated indoor/outdoor antenna line. The A3010 offers 5dBic performance in a sleek yet ultra-rugged and compact 210x155mm (8” x 6”) dimension.


The A3010 is ideal for Forklift RFID and proven in applications from waste management to access control. Impact strengthened, the RuggedLine IP67 range is rated for 24/7 outdoors and all weather use.

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