Personalized Kiosk Experience Powered by ThingMagic RFID

At RFID Journal LIVE! in 2011, attendees got a firsthand look at how RFID can be integrated with social media with Facebook “Check-in” and “Like and photo” kiosks developed by ODIN in partnership with ThingMagic.

The kiosks, powered by the USB Plus+ RFID Reader, allowed attendees to directly post to their personal Facebook pages with us the scan of an RFID ID badge.

Check-in Kiosk large Photo and Like Kiosk large

Here is an excerpt from ThingMagic’s case study on the project:

 “Attendee interaction with the kiosks was fully automated through the use of RFID badges, which were distributed upon registration and used for other event purposes including personalized communication via smart signs and conference session attendance monitoring. Attendees received an email in advance of the show and, in less than 30 seconds, could connect their RFID badge information with their Facebook account. There were also on-site registration kiosks for late registrants. By waving their conference badges in front of a kiosk screen – outfitted with ThingMagic’s UHF USB RFID Readers used in conjunction with ODIN’s EasyConnect Software – conference attendees were able to connect with and update their Facebook accounts in real time, successfully merging their real-world and online communities.”

The ThingMagic USB Plus+ is ideally suited to this sort of application, as it is comprised of the Mercury5e Compact reader and a high performance antenna enclosed in a small ruggedized case, which uses a single USB cable for power and data transmission.

ThingMagic USB Plus+

These kiosks are a perfect example of how this easy to use, all-in-one RFID reader/writer can be put to use connecting companies with consumers, and vice versa.  Similar uses can be seen across multiple channels:  Events and attendance tracking, personalized check-in for hospitality and gaming, loyalty and rewards, interactive stations for entertainment/museums, or any number of situations where kiosks can be utilized.  RFID enables a quick, simple and fast way for self service kiosk manufacturers to engage with users in a personalized direct way.

Read the full case study HERE.

Click HERE for more case studies from ThingMagic.


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