Upgraded FEIG RFID Reader with Greater Sensitivity

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The FEIG OBID® long range RFID reader LRU1002 now offers greater receiver sensitivity for an even longer reading range. This is all thanks to a new firmware version. The upgraded reader delivers full support in all operating modes for the EPC-compliant UCODE DNA from NXP. This enables high anti-collision rates, long read range and a wide frequency range for worldwide applications.

FEIG’s upgraded LRU1002 reader works with UHF RFID V2G2 tags. It uses AES encryption, preventing counterfeit attempts while protecting users privacy, to deliver greater security for pedestrian and vehicle access control systems.

The upgraded firmware enables distinction between moving transponders and static transponders. This enables vehicle gate control. It also enables an automatic signaling feature when no transponder has been detected within the specified trigger active time. These features help to save energy costs and increase the efficiency of the overall system.

In addition, FEIG delivers enhanced immunity to interference with this firmware adaptation offering consistent high performance and sensitivity in all environments, whether only one reader or multiple readers are active simultaneously.

In conclusion, the OBID RFID Long Range Reader LRU1002 with integrated 4-port antenna multiplexer offers an excellent price performance ratio and compatibility with RAIN RFID systems.

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